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Weight per unit: 85 kg

he next generation of v-twin engines is here with the RevTech 4x4 100!

Completely redesigned from the bottom up to provide the best all around engine for the American V-Twin market.

  • Cast from 356-T6 aluminum with wall thickness optimized for maximum strength
  • Advanced one-piece casting and machining techniques allow for near perfect case half alignment
  • Blind case bolts for cleaner appearance
  • Smooth crankcase deck to cylinder base profile for cleaner appearance
  • 7/16" cylinder studs proven in drag racing applications
  • Connecting rods and flywheels forged from 4340 chrome moly steel - the strongest material available for these applications
  • Larger straight 1-1/2" pressed in crank pin using RevTech's proprietary extreme-duty military-grade steel Oiling System
  • The most advanced oil scavenging system produced yet for air-cooled V-twin applications resulting in better reliability and increased horsepower
  • 3:1 ratio oil pump drive gears and high volume oil pump enable significantly increased lubrication and cooling
  • Piston cooling oil jets for better heat dissipation

  • 4"-bore with 4"-stroke for optimum power and reliability
  • More fin area for increased cooling
  • Machined fin edges for better appearance
  • Forged Wossner slipper-skirt pistons with moly coat
  • New RevTech roller rockers john reed design sculpted two-piece rocker boxes
  • More fin area for increased cooling
  • Machined fin edges for better appearance Carburetion
  • Mikuni HSR 42
  • Intake manifold matched to heads for ideal flow efficiency
  • Low profile air cleaner design for high performance while providing improved rider comfort Ignition
  • Self contained solid-state ignition

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